With over 25 years experience and tens of thousands of satisfied customers, DIESELFLASH is one of Australia's leading diesel tuners. All DIESELFLASH remaps are made in house, in Australia, for Australian conditions to ensure you get the best from your engine within safe and reliable parameters. Call now to speak with a specialist regarding your specific car’s potential, and we will recommend a local dyno shop in your area to custom dyno tune your car.


A DIESELFLASH ECU Performance Upgrade is an engine software remap that improves your vehicles’ power and torque throughout its entire performance range. As a direct result, improved fuel economy can also be achieved. Expect around 30% more power and torque and 10% fuel savings.


Today’s methods to achieve extra performance through remapping and tuning are no longer what they have been in past decades. We have a network of dyno tuners that can custom tune your 4X4 on the dyno. DIESELFLASH has unique capabilities to alter the torque model, smoke limits, and closed-loop air/fuel ratio control. We are the only company in Australia that custom dyno tunes using our unique “Diesel-Log” hardware and software allowing for customisation of air fuel ratios and boost pressure to suit aftermarket intakes and larger exhausts